Rod Pumping

Rod or Beam Pumping is one of the older techniques for producing liquids from a down hole reservoir. Sand problems in rod pumping wells are as old as the technique itself. Sand displaces oil in the production stream, thereby reducing the amount of oil that gets to the surface. Sand wears and abrades the pumping equipment itself, causing costly repairs and downtime. Gas entrained in the fluid can cause knocking, gas locking and cavitation, resulting in damaged production equipment and loss of production. There is a way to stop all of that. Stren offers an array of tooling and downhole solutions that will drive profitability up while keeping expenses down. You can have longer times between workovers and more oil in the tank as soon as you move to a premium, engineered Stren product.

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S.P.E. Jackson MS 2010

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The Series XPR screen design is unique with rugged, corrosion resistant, matrix metal stainless steel construction. The unit's standard 100 micron control point provides for lower pressure drops, higher production flow, and longer service life.

SC2000 XPR Completion SC2000 XPR Completion (623 KB)

The SC2000™ Products are shipped in durable, safe individual packaging to avoid transport and location handling damage.

SC2000 - Sand Control Solutions for The New Millennium SC2000 - Sand Control Solutions for The New Millennium (176 KB)

What's New in Artificial Lift 1994

This World Oil article details the operation and features of the PumpGard Series. Great Informative Explanation!

World Oil Article - 1994 World Oil Article - 1994 (525 KB)

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This is a sample sand analysis report for your review.

Sand Analysis Report - R00114-1 Sand Analysis Report - R00114-1 (78 KB)

Well Work Over Data Sheet

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