Confident Rod Pumping Solutions

Pump Intake

Pump Intake Protection

Improve pumping productivity and avoid failure due to sand cut and gas lock.

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SC2000 XPR Completion

Provide a clean, sand-free wellbore for increased production flow and rod-pump longevity.

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Rod Pumping Unit

Rod Pumping Unit Home
Exclusive Microlift Technology enables rod pumping of wells to increase production & reduce operating costs.

  • Energy efficient
  • Complete stroke control
  • Self-adjusts to changing well fluid levels

Applied Sciences & Industry Technology Advances

Applied Science Home New

Reliant Energy fuel cell power systems. Electricity from natural gas.

Chemical synthesis of methanol and fuels from natural gas.

Integrator of proven technology and unique concepts resulting in dynamic and profitable solutions.

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Increase Production

Increase Production with Custom Solutions

If you are looking for higher performance and lower cost from your producing wells, look no further. Exclusive Microlift Technology enables rod pumping of oil and gas lift wells to increase production and reduce operating costs.