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PumpGard™ HP250 Series III-Kobe Hydraulic Piston Pump Intake Filter

Pumpgard Hp250 1Pumpgard Hp250

1440 PSI HSL Series Bag Filtration Unit

A power fluid abrasive control tool for your Hydraulic Pumping System.

Superior productivity with lower pressure drops and longer service life!

Building on Stren’s experience in downhole well completions, sand control, and industrial filtration, we are pleased to announce the new and improved PumpGard™ HP250 Series III, an improved version allowing a wider selection of micron ratings.

Increase productivity and reduce downtime caused by damaging particulates. Keep your valuable investment in production equipment producing with the highest performance, most cost effective particulate control system available today. The PumpGard™ HP250 Series III offers the highest inflow area in the industry thereby minimizing the power losses that other solutions impose. The HP250 connects inline between the packer nose assembly and the pump, trapping damaging particulates before they can destroy your valuable pumping equipment.

When combined with our patented PumpGard™ pressure relief system, these units provide the ultimate in protection for your valuable production equipment; increasing production duration while reducing production costs and controlling premature pump failure.


  • High productive flow area minimizes hydraulic power losses
  • Multiple micron ratings to address your specific need
  • PumpGard™ over-pressure control relief system where applicable will keep your system pumping when it may not be possible or desirable to service the well immediately
  • Rugged outer shrouds protect the filtration media during handling and installation
  • Strong inner mandrel provides high weight capacity for installations that have Sand Control equipment hung from the lower end of the pump
  • Replaceable filtration cartridges allow quick and easy redress during pump service, bringing filter back to original factory specifications.

For overall power fluid cleanliness, we also manufacture an ANSI 600/1440 PSI rated filter bag assembly to place BEFORE or AFTER the triplex power fluid pump. Where appropriate, installing after has the benefit of not affecting power fluid pump suction side performance by having to draw through the bag filter unit. Higher pressure units available upon request.

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Stren SC2000 XPR

SC2000 XPR completion screens provide a clean, sand-free wellbore for increased production flow and pump intake protection. Meeting or exceeding all other industry products, our inflow surface area ranges to 60 percent + compared with wire-wrapped screens or sand pre-packs at 3 to 9 percent.
“If you let sand get into your pump, you have a fight on your hands.”