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Current Documents

World Oil (377 KB)

SPE Sand Control (1809 KB)

SC2000 Pump Intake Protection (564 KB)

Clean Wellbore (507 KB)

SC2000 XPR Completion (623 KB)

PGXPR (301 KB)

Bakken Higher Rate (957 KB)

Microlift Flyer (12722 KB)

Microlift Rod Pumping Brochure (1718 KB)

Well Information Report – Workovers and Data (113 KB)

Stren Marketing and Technical Documents Archived by Alphabetical Index

American Oil and Gas Reporter – February 1997 – This is an excellent article written by J. L. Prouty of the AOGR about the Stren Maximizer Down Hole Gas Separator. It is informative and clearly written, explaining what the Maximizer does and what it can save an operator/producer. If you have questions about how to stop gas locking and pounding in your well and/or how to increase the pumping efficiency without breaking the bank, this is one you should read.

American Oil and Gas Reporter – February 1997 (418 KB)

HiFlo ESP 450 & 550 Series Sand Control Solutions – This is a one page product sheet explaining the construction and advantages of Stren’s Electric Submersible Pump version of the SC2000 Sand Control Screen. Read this one to find dimensions, and flow recommendation, as well as general information on the product.

HiFlo ESP 450 & 550 Series Sand Control Solutions (220 KB)

HiFlo Series Specification Sheet – This one page handout describes the HiFlo 400 Series, which is the multiple mandrel version of the proven PumpGard line for higher flowing wells on rod pumping systems. Read this for dimensional data, micron ratings and pressure considerations. The illustrations are useful here, too.

HiFlo Series Specification Sheet (204 KB)

Installation Diagram for Non-Shrouded ESP Pumps – This is a general arrangement drawing showing where and how the HiFlo ESP Series fits in a well using non-shrouded electric submersible pumps. This one page diagram is extremely useful in describing the ease of installation and recovery of this product.

Installation Diagram for Non-Shrouded ESP Pumps (113 KB)

Installation Diagram for Shrouded ESP Pumps – This is a companion to the Non-Shrouded Diagram. It is also a general arrangement drawing, showing the position and arrangement of the HiFlo ESP in use with a shrouded ESP. Of particular note is the placement of the packers.

Installation Diagram for Shrouded ESP Pumps (910 KB)

PumpGard Sand Shields – This is a good two page product sheet describing the Sand Shield product line, for use in wells flowing up to 50 Barrels of Oil per Day. Pay particular attention to the Over Pressure Control Valve shown on this page. It’s patented and an extremely good feature and to the technical information on the second page.

PumpGard Sand Shields (1600 KB)

PumpGard Specification Sheet – This is a one page product sheet describing the standard PumpGard line. These mandrel mounted units work well in wells producing from 10 to 400 Barrels of Fluid per Day. This is mostly specifications and application data.

PumpGard Specification Sheet (301 KB)

Profile Wire Screen – Pipe Based Construction – Here’s a handy tow -page product sheet describing the Stren PWS product line as it is configured over a base pipe, describing the way profile wire works as a filter and why you might consider using them. Diagrams on this page are particularly useful. Sizes, shipping weights and inlet areas are on the second page.

Profile Wire Screen – Pipe Based Construction (308 KB)

Profile Wire Screen – Rod Based Construction – This is a companion piece to the product information sheet on the Pipe Based Construction PWS’s. Read this to find out the difference in the rod and pipe based units.

Profile Wire Screen – Rod Based Construction (270 KB)

Sand Analysis Report – R00114-1 – Example 1 of a sand analysis. This particular report is from California in the Stevens Zone Unit. The well was pumping 550 bbls/day of 30 gravity oil. Good example of recommendations and analysis.

Sand Analysis Report – R00114-1 (78 KB)

Sand Analysis Report – R00317-1 – This report shows a typical analysis with a very narrow particle distribution. (The grains are within a fairly close range.) Stren’s custom tailored product line is one of the few products on the market that allows maximum life with enhanced durability in these situations. Variable pore size devices typically have an extremely short life. Interesting illustration.

Sand Analysis Report – R00317-1 (83 KB)

Sand Analysis Report – R011005-1 – This third example of a sand analysis report shows a much broader range of particles, though the damaging fraction is still in the the 50 – 250 micron range. Note the nodular (rounded) particles in the illustration. Though they are round in this sample, they become jagged and very abrasive when crushed between the barrel and the plunger or in an ESP application.

Sand Analysis Report – R011005-1 (80 KB)

SC2000 – Sand Control Solutions for The New Millennium – This information page introduces the SC2000 line. Important points are the low profile of the OD and the extremely crush resistant construction. Great illustration of the product.

SC2000 – Sand Control Solutions for The New Millennium (176 KB)

SC2000 Load Out Picture – This is a picture of a big load of SC2000 product going to the field in Wyoming. It’s a good example of how easily and efficiently this product transports.

SC2000 Load Out Picture (124 KB)

Series 45 Gas Separator Sheet – This is a one page brochure introducing the MaxSep Down hole Gas Separator concept. Of particular interest is the chart included here that shows the relationship between load and position. The remarkable increase in volumetric efficiency is worth a look!

Series 45 Gas Separator Sheet (679 KB)

Well Information Report – Workovers and Data – This is the informational report that Stren will need to properly size your sand control products. Please print out a copy and fax it to us for prompt service.

Well Information Report – Workovers and Data (113 KB)

World Oil Article – 1994 – This is a reprint of the WO 1994 article on innovations in artificial lift. Specifically, this talks about PumpGard, spring loaded bypasses, backwashing the PumpGard and a number of other important points. Good quick read.

World Oil Article – 1994 (525 KB)

World Oil Article – 1998 – This is a reprint of the WO 1998 article on innovations in artificial lift. This one talks specifically about the MaxSep Down Hole Gas Separator. It gives and excellent short description of what down hole gas separation is all about.

World Oil Article – 1998 (1047 KB)

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