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PumpGard PGXPR Series

Meninstallingpgseries2bField Proven PumpGard™ Products Yield a Quick ROI

An Example of Success – In early 1990, a major operator was experiencing repeated pump failure due to sand cut and gas lock. The existence of abrasive conditions from both sand and formation abrasives caused two problems: First, the need to set the pump 15′ above the perforations in an attempt to reduce abrasive action and second, pump failure was occurring every 37 days. PumpGard™ was installed and 310 days later, no service had been required. Additionally, the pump was lowered to a closer proximity to the perforations, resulting in increased production.

Over this period, PumpGard™ produced minimum saving of $8600 per year, avoided at least 8 well pullings (and the lost production associated with it) and avoided the expense of 8 Pump Repairs.

The PumpGard Payout = 60 Day

PGXPR Bound for Australia

PGXPR Bound for Australia

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Stren SC2000 XPR

SC2000 XPR completion screens provide a clean, sand-free wellbore for increased production flow and pump intake protection. Meeting or exceeding all other industry products, our inflow surface area ranges to 60 percent + compared with wire-wrapped screens or sand pre-packs at 3 to 9 percent.
“If you let sand get into your pump, you have a fight on your hands.”