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The Single Most Important Thing To Do When you are Completing a Well… and 5 Good Ways to Make Sure That It Is Done Right!

Completion engineers can make a case for almost anything related to the completion of a producing well being the single most important thing in the process. In fact, they do it all of the time. However, there is one thing that most agree on. Addressing the issue of formation contaminants, namely sand and formation particles, is high on that list. These unwanted materials in the fluid stream cause significant problems in equipment up and down the hole, not to mention taking up good space in the producing stream that should be filled with valuable product. Let’s face it. The market for produced sand is certainly not as good as it is for the produced hydrocarbons that you are after. Stren offers some of the best solutions to control or eliminate the harmful intrusive particulates in your well from the day that it is completed. Whether your completion is gravel packed or includes premium sand control devices, Stren has the answers.

  • It is always easier to do the job right from the start than to go back and do it again later. You can settle for an inferior well completion product, but every moment that you lose trying to replace or repair that failure when it occurs is production (and profit) that you don’t recover until the last day that the well produces. Why take chances?
  • The more information that you have about the well that is designed into the product, the better your chances will be of long runs between costly workovers. Virtually all Stren Well Completion Products are designed and manufactured specifically from the information that we gather from you concerning your well. The one-size-fits-all philosophy of some of our competitors just doesn’t cut it in today’s oil field.
  • The Best Choice may not always be the biggest fish in the pond. Stren has over 20 years experience in the well completion business with an excellent success record. Their unique production techniques and resident engineering capabilities make them flexible and agile in providing you with precisely what you need at a cost that will make your accountant very happy.
  • It is better to deal with a company that has no vested interest in any particular technology. Stren can provide you with any of the conventional solutions to you well completion problems, as well as some very unique and innovative ones (See the XPR Series on this page)
  • Your best choice is to select a product that mitigates particulate problems in the well without adversely effecting productivity. Stren maintains an extensive library of sand analysis reports that can help you identity a problem with unconsolidated formations and identify the solution before it ever becomes a problem.

Contact us at engineer@stren.net to discuss your needs and our solutions.


CloserviewcagedlabeledStren has developed a new, revolutionary construct for well completions with natural or conventional gravel packing techniques. The round – on – round wire shroud presents a tremendous open area to the production inflow. The openings in the shroud are tailorable to the specific gravel pack design specified. These completions screens can be run on a liner hanger or a packer or may be used as a permanent completion liner. All 316 Stainless Steel construction is available. All Standard API sizes and threaded connections are available. However, the best part about the new XPR™ Series is the price. You will find this to be a superior performing product at a lower cost than any competitive product on the market today. Contact sales@stren.net

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