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The Stren Story

Stren is built around a unique set of products and services that cross industrial boundaries to bring an innovative, effective and efficient mix of technology, manufacture and management to its customers. Utilizing a full range of design, engineering and manufacturing services, Stren acts as an integrator of proven technology and unique concepts. This cross-industrial approach results in solutions that are dynamic and profitable.

Stren’s products include sand screens, downhole gas separators and tooling solutions for the oilfield. The Engineering group works on projects that range from industrial design of products to innovations in the fuel cell industry. Stren Mechatronics designs and builds CNC machinery, both on existing manufacturing platforms and as stand alone units. Additional services include sales and marketing consulting and ecommerce solutions through Stren’s association with several associated design, engineering and marketing firms.

In the 1980’s, Stren embarked on a strenuous program which would result in revolutionary proprietary technology for reducing high lifting costs experienced by producers of tens of thousands of oil wells worldwide. The technology is named PumpGard. The PumpGard Division, through its manufacturing plant in Houston, combines sand control technology with manufacturing expertise to produce products that fulfill a long term commitment to providing PumpGard technology to the Petroleum Production Industry.

During the 90’s and early 2000’s, Stren took a leading position in the development of Fuel Cell Technology. In concert with Reliant Energy and Texas A&M University, Stren developed one of the few practical, working examples of a single family residence based fuel cell power generator that will revolutionize the way the world gets it electricity and vastly reduce the threat of terrorist attack on our power infrastructure. Stren proudly continues in this field with a firm commitment to providing this revolutionary technology to the public as soon as practical.

Stren is a leader in the conversion of manually operated manufacturing platforms to full CNC operation. By offering the ability to turn obsolete capital equipment into modern, digitally controlled purpose built machines, Stren is providing industry with the means to shift focus to the manufacture of goods and the provision of services and away from the constant need for capital equipment enhancement needed to keep up with today’s high volume manufacturing requirements.

Stren also designs, develops and builds prototype products for various industrial clients, using knowledge gained from experience in many fields.

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Stren provides industrial technology solutions and products using knowledge gained from experience in many fields.