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ESP Pumping

Electrically powered submersible pumps have long served as the answer to secondary recovery challenges in wells with potentially higher flows, that those commonly observed in rod pumping applications. However, the same basic problems remain when considering the damage cause by intrusive particulates in the well bore and in the pump itself. It has been reported that fully 25% of all the electric submersible pumps in service worldwide are damaged by sand. Generally this is evident in a much shortened run life, as compared to its design criteria. Sometimes the pumps are destroyed completely. As higher production demands place an ever-increasing load on the pumps, the need for a dependable, long lived pump intake sand control solution has become more and more important.

XPR Information and Data Sheets

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SC2000 XPR Completion Sheet

Provides a clean, sand-free wellbore and the lowest reservoir back-pressure for increased production flow and rod-pump longevity
SC2000 XPR Completion
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ESP Installation Diagram, Non-Shrouded Pumps

Installation Diagrams for the HiFlo Series for use with Non-Shrouded Pumps.
Installation Diagram for Non-Shrouded ESP Pumps
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ESP Installation Diagram, Shrouded Pumps

Installation Diagram for the HiFlo Series for use with Shrouded Pumps.
Installation Diagram for Shrouded ESP Pumps
Sand Control Joint

Two Page Sheet on the SC 2000 Series. This is also a superior product for use with ESPs. Slim Profile.
SC2000 – Sand Control Solutions for The New Millennium

Hiflo Esp
One page flyer on the 450 & 550 Series. Gives specs and flow capacities. Good Drawing
HiFlo ESP 450 & 550 Series Sand Control Solutions
Stren Hiflo

Specification Sheet

HiFlo Spec Sheet Showing dimensions, capacities, etc.
HiFlo Series Specification Sheet

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Stren SC2000 XPR

SC2000 XPR completion screens provide a clean, sand-free wellbore for increased production flow and pump intake protection. Meeting or exceeding all other industry products, our inflow surface area ranges to 60 percent + compared with wire-wrapped screens or sand pre-packs at 3 to 9 percent.
“If you let sand get into your pump, you have a fight on your hands.”