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Well Screen / Oil Well Screen

Pwswsandwfwscreen1Stren offers a complete line of Profile Wire Well Screens. The industry standard keystone shaped profile wire construct is offered in rod based tubulars and pipe based tubulars. Pipe based products come in the standard API carbon and alloy steels, threaded and coupled. Custom alloys and thread configurations are available to meet your needs. Rod based constructs come in 316 SS as a standard and may also be custom tailored. Stren’s unique DC welding technique provides not only strength, but also vastly improved corrosion resistance at the weld points.

Precision Rod Base Screen
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Stren SC2000 XPR

SC2000 XPR completion screens provide a clean, sand-free wellbore for increased production flow and pump intake protection. Meeting or exceeding all other industry products, our inflow surface area ranges to 60 percent + compared with wire-wrapped screens or sand pre-packs at 3 to 9 percent.
“If you let sand get into your pump, you have a fight on your hands.”